Work at heights in Prague

I provide certified rope access work with professional climbing equipment. Work at heights with climbing equipment is significantly less expensive and more effective than work from scaffolding or sky lifts. All transport of material as well as access happens from outside of buildings with the use of special rope equipment.

I provide complex jobs from dismantling and recycling, to installation and throughout photo documentation. Standard warranties apply to all provided jobs. I work mostly in and around Prague but I will be happy to come to you to all around Czech Republic. I speak fluent English. 

Bird damage protection

Netting of balconies and buildings, installation of barriers to prevent bird access.

Repairs after bird damages

Removing of the dirt, cleaning and disinfection of affected surfaces.

Window cleaning at heights

Cleaning and maintenance of windows and glass building facades.

Installation and dismantling

Installation of lighting conductors, broadcasting telecommunication devices and receiving antennas.

Maintenance of facades

Painting and mason's jobs performed with climbing equipment without scaffolding.

Repairs of roofs and eaves

Replacement of damaged or missing parts of roofing and plumbing parts of the roof.

Painting jobs at  heights

Protective outside coating of buildings, maintenance of plumbing parts.

Masonry jobs at heights

Repairs of joints of panel houses, maintenance of facades and exterior parts of buildings.

David Horváth 2018

About me

I hold certificate of technical qualification for rope access work (according to Czech Government Regulation 362/2005). I regularly attend prolongation professional training part of which is occupational safety training.

I have liability insurance for damages.

In most cases I work alone and therefore I am able to offer very good time flexibility (large orders are provided with a team).

I work at heights with certified climbing equipment of Czech company Singing Rock


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